This Saturday, 03/24/2018 from 9am - 7pm hosted by Monumental in the Olympic Mills building.

Headshot sessions normally run up to $500 and you might not need all that. So from time to time, we offer days where you can get just One Great Shot for only $95 (cheaper than a hair cut and about the same price for a mechanic to just tell you what's wrong with your car).

It's easy, quick and you're gonna look good. Do you hate having your picture taken? Totally get it. We'll make you feel comfortable and tailor the lighting to enhance your favorites features. 

How it works:

  1. Fill out the form below requesting a time slot. 
  2. We'll respond within 24 hours confirming your time. 
  3. Show up at the confirmed time ready to crush it. We have a restroom for freshening up. 
  4. Relax, smile and you get to pick your fave right there on the spot.
  5. Pay via the link I'll send you once we've booked your slot.
  6. You'll receive your retouched image by end of day Monday, 03/26/2018.
  7. Take your One Great Shot and swap it out with the one from your friend's wedding last summer where you were actually a little buzzed but you don't think anyone noticed. 
  8. Get more clients. Make more sales. Get a better job. Get swiped right.
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Starting at 9am and ending at 7pm

Photos from past One Great Shot events: