Headshots- Details & Booking Request Form

Getting photos of your team is easy with me. Here are the details:


  1. Find a day where everyone will be in the office. It’s more cost effective to shoot as many people as we can in one day.

  2. Ask each member on your team to pick a time slot. You can make a spreadsheet or use this template. Then send them calendar invites so it stays blocked off on their calendar.

  3. Reserve a conference room for the day(s) we’ll be doing portraits. The room should be at least 10’x12’. The room needs a power outlet. White or black walls are preferred as light bounces off colored walls and affects the white balance. But we can easily account for it if colored walls are all that’s available.

  4. If you choose to have our hair/makeup stylist, reserve a second room that’s at least 8’x10’ and has plenty of light. Also, plan on 15-30 minutes for hair & makeup prior to their 10 minute session.

  5. Share the protips with each person being photographed.

Day(s) of Shoot

  1. Make sure everyone knows when and where to go for their portrait.

  2. Communicate to everyone that we’ll be shooting candid photos of the office. They can just pretend we’re not there. Although we may ask them to do some sort of task or interact in some professional way with another co-worker. But for the most part, it’s just candids.

  3. Your team members getting portraits made will be able to see their photos right after they are shot and pick one(s) they like most.


  1. I retouch photos to show each person as their best authentic self. I remove temporary blemishes, even out skin tones, optimize exposure, color correct, and account for lens distortion (lenses bend light and thus sometimes leads to more rounded features than in real life).

  2. I deliver the photos within 2 weeks.

  3. Each delivered photo will have 2 resolution types: 1 optimized for print and 1 optimized for digital.


  1. Full Day - $1950 (includes basic retouching)

  2. Half Day - $1100  (includes basic retouching)

  3. Full Day with Hair/Makeup - $2500 (includes basic retouching)

  4. Half Day with Hair/Makeup - $1450 (includes basic retouching)

  5. 50% Deposit due to confirm booking; remaining 50% due upon final file delivery

  6. Deposit amounts refunded are based on how far out the date of the cancelled shoot was booked.


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