Photoshop-Inspired Band Names & Album Covers

I love coming up with band names. And I've thought for a while that some Photoshop commands and whatnot would make great names. Also, I've been exploring illustration and graphic design over the past year or two. Recently, I've been doing daily-ish digital drawings as an exercise to get better at illustration. I made these in the Sketch app. Enjoy. Share. Thanks!


The Free Transform

This band has a 70s folk vibe. RIYL Fleet Foxes and Fleetwood Mac.


Lair Mask

This band is an instrumental doom metal band. RIYL Sleep and Deaf Heaven.


Ray Tracer

Singer/songwriter and troubador, Ray Tracer, makes hypnotic ambient folk. RIYL America, Orleans, Tom Petty and Bread. 


Puppet Warp

Political rap on top of a thrash metal band. This is the Rage Against The Machine that we need for modern times. RIYL the Judgement Night soundtrack, Rage and Faith No More.


Ground Plane Shadow Catcher

Experimental math rock with haunting polyphonic melodies. RIYL Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Caspian, and Russian Circles.



Glitchy chaotic but organized drum beats coated with floating reverb-drenched guitars. RIYL Squarepusher, Autechre and Aphex Twin.



This band had a hit in the 90s yet still have a loyal cult following because they had songs so much better than their 90s hit. RIYL: The Breeders, Veruca Salt and L7.